Frequently Asked Questions
This section contains the most frequent asked questions to the Monjo Support team.
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Is Monjo encrypted?
Yes. Encryption is applied in several ways. All data transferred to and from the Monjo network is encrypted. On top of that, the chat messages, including the attachments (e.g. photos, audio, files, etc) in 1 on 1 Chat rooms and Group Chat rooms, are fully encrypted with unique keys, only readable by the participants in the (Group) Chat room. Because of the public nature of Flashes are encrypted when in transit. All text of messages and Flashes is stored encrypted on your mobile device. However, any attachments (e.g. photos, videos, audio, files, etc.) are stored unencrypted on your mobile device. For more details, please refer to the Monjo Privacy Policy and Monjo Terms of Use.

What private data do I need to submit?
We request the user to register his/her mobile phone number. A Monjo account is uniquely identified, by your mobile phone number and the mobile device it is installed on. Further more there is the option to provide your email address. Providing your email address is not required for you to use Monjo. However, since the email address is used for verification of your account in case you want to transfer or recover your account. You can always add/remove your email address after installation on your personal profile page.

How do I request for my private data to be deleted?
On your personal profile page inside the app, you can choose to delete your account. When you choose to completely delete your account, all your data will be deleted from our servers. Take note, that recovery of the account will not be possible.

What data is stored on the Monjo servers?
Monjo stores and keeps user account information on the Monjo Servers. This is necessary to be able to connect you to your contacts. This data will be deleted when the user decides to delete his/her account and stops using Monjo. Chat Messages are stored on Monjo Servers until it is confirmed that they have reached the receiver's device. So basically, We only buffer the Chat Messages until they can be delivered, then they will be deleted from the servers immediately. Flashes are buffered on the Monjo Servers until it is confirmed that they are delivered to the receiver's device. Then it will be deleted from the server.

I'm unable to export messages to other apps, why?
Yes. This is a known issue. We are still a small team and have many plans on how to extend Monjo. This feature is on the short term roadmap to be implemented.
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