Power in
a single pocket
Monjo combines
communication, entertainment and e-commerce in a single app
Instead of switching from one app to another, how would you experience when you have everything in just one app, an app that combines all your commonly used social media, payments, online shopping features in just one single app?
Monjo will make that happen!
Monjo© is a registered brand. © Copyrights of Monjo is owned by Mynapse SDH BHD. All rights reserved.
Features version 1
Text, chat, group chat and video options.
Monjo can be downloaded in the following countries:
Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and Ireland
Flashes, you can share your moments of the day with your contacts.
The home screen gives you a clear overview of all your new messages
and incoming calls.
The tabbed interface in Monjo is a handy feature with which you
can keep track of all media of your contacts, like photos, videos,
messages and flashes.